Eczema FAQ
Hello. I have just a little bit of eczema below my nose and above my mouth and a touch below my mouth as well. It’s flakey, dry, white, and kind of resembles the remnants from a powder donut. Are there any safe products (I have very sensitive skin) that I can get at the drugstore that can minimize this?




In the baby section is a product called Aveeno baby soothing relief moisture cream. It works great! It is a very thick cream it works great for my sons eczema. It should work for yours also. Good Luck!



i have sensitive skin and eczema. doc says to use baby oil after showering but before drying off. through out the day you can use chap stick or a little of baby oil.



actually baby oil can irritate ur eczema. use the aveeno but it will work alot better if u use the aquafor at night and the eucerin during the day.