Eczema FAQ
My 14 your old son has a very bad case of Eczema. I’m tried almost everything ( Eucerin, Locoid Lipocteam, Aquaphor…). Any other suggestions would be very appreciated. Thank you:)



My Brother just turned 4 and he has the same problem. We took him to a dermatologist and he said oil. Like vegetable or olive oil. Very weird. My mom wasnt happy with this answer because his clothes would be ruined and my brother is not likeing how it feels. The doctor said there was nothing more he could do. Also being in the sun a lot. I noticed when we went on vacation the dry dandruff cleared up.



I took my daughter to the dermatologist, after being told by my PCP that there was nothing else she could do. (Three percriptions later). My derm. was wonderful in helping her. He had a treatment plan for eczema. He told me if I followed the plan she would be “dramatically ” better in one week. (she was diagnosed with cronic eczema) It worked she did get “dramatically better”. Now she is just on a maintance routine.
1. Put him in the bath, lukewarm water, for 20 min. exactly. Put a timer in there and set it when you put him in the bath. Use cetaphil (you can get it at walgreens) nothing else. Use it like shampoo and soap. When time is up pat dry.
2. After his bath my derm. gave me a perscription of a compond mixture of aquaphor/diflorasone. See if you doc will do the same, if not use the aquaphor. Slather it on him. You will need to get some long sleeved 100% cotton pj’s (I use long sleeved onsies) and cotton pants.
3. In the morning you are just to use the aquaphor on the places needed.
Do this EVERY night.
You may have heard that giving a bath could dry the skin out worse. But the idea is giving the long bath the body actually soaks up some of the water and then when you “grease him up” it holds the moisture in.
Good luck and let me know how it goes!



I have a 4 yearold daughter. We have been dealing with horrible eczema since she was 6 weeks old. She has been on everything from over the counter remedies as well as insane perscriptions like Elidel and Protopic and steriods. Nothing has ever worked for a long period of time.

So I had almost given up when I my friend gave me the certified VEGAN products by ARBONNE. I was extremely hesitant to try something else that was all natural since all of the products that I found at the grocery store that said all natural weren’t.

But these were they only have fruits, veggies, and plants in them. So I tried it and it has been 3 weeks with out any perscriptions and she still has moments when she is itchy, but she is 1000% better than ever before.

I now sell it becuase my daughter is so much happier and her skin is so much clearer and she can go inthe sun with out me worring about her skin.

Contact me and I will get you soem to try on your son.