Eczema FAQ
I have had eczema since i was very young but it was controllable but as i have grown up into a teenager it seems to have got worse. It is not as bad now but it has it’s days where it’s just red raw. Im looking for a good diet to help control it. Thanks
I live in the U.K. I have the creams that i need which seem to be helping but just want a healthy diet that may speed up the healing process etc. Thanks for all the answers so far though i appreciate it. :D



its best if you go to a dermatologist



Whatever you may have been using in the past, your skin is now used to those medications. I have eczema in my hair, so my dermatologist have me to alternate my shampoo every month and it works fine, its under control. That was his justification of only using one product. Please know that as we get older our bodies change, as I had never had eczema before, it first appeared about 2 years ago.


Nikisha C

I am a eczema sufferer too. It doesn’t have to be agonizing. Ask your dematologist for a betamethasone cream (It’s actual name is Diprolene). The product works agressively to wipe ot eczema pretty quickly, and it does…2-3 days difference. Be careful not to use too much because it is an agressive steroid that can have some strange effects such as elevated blood pressure and a “moonface” like look to your face, use it sparingly. Also, try to eat a clean diet free of yeast and gluten, that will control the eczema in your hair. A peppermint shampoo or tea tree shampoo can be helpful. Hope this helps.



Hello there. Do a test for allergens to determine which foods you are allergic to (eggs, milk, cheese, shellfish, chocolate, peanuts, soy, potatoes, and the gluten found in wheat, oats, rye and barley are common allergenic foods). Fish oil often helps to mitigate eczema (Omega-3 supplement).
Also, try a herbal anti-eczema cream and spray by Champori – it works well and fast. ( and if it doesn’t – it’s free; they offer money back guarantee)



There was just an article in the October issue of Vegetarian Times talking about eczema and a product that helps it. Arbonne’s Baby Care lotion is great for this. I also have before/after pics I can e-mail you. It is nut free and dermatologist tested. They also have a 45 day money back guarantee – if you don’t see an improvement you return it.



checking out diet may help you stay away from eczema flares. proper diet and good nutrition with loads of fresh fruits and vegetables can help enhance and strengthen immune system to fight off skin diseases. try not eating processed foods and foods with preservatives. for more tips on how to prevent eczema flares visit