Eczema FAQ
What lotions could I use to relieve the irritation and reduce the occurrence on eczema? I only get it in a few small places a lot during the summer with the heat and just keep scratching. I currently do not have health insurance so I don’t want to go spend a fortune to get a prescribed lotion. Any tips on good lotion from the drug store or what ingredients to look for in lotions that are helpful?


Tamra P

take fish oil pills, lotions with any perfumes, alcohol will irratate , crisco oil..



aveeno, aquaphor, eucerin, dove are all VERY good products for eczema



Some eczema treatment products have been causing harm to the skin and thus causing more skin irritation. try to use an all natural eczema treatment which contains only essential and natural ingredients are safe and effective as skin disorder remedy.

having been exposed to soaps, deodorants and cleansers can trigger eczema. it is not weird that eczema can be breaking out at some point in your life. it can come anytime because it is caused by a skin irritant.

keep your skin hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids and using an all natural moisturizer. avoid skin irritants and rough and scratchy clothes. avoid being exposed to perfumes and fragrant skin care. be careful not to scratch your skin, cut fingernails as soon as possible. visit for more tips to avoid eczema flares



Often skincare products can contain unnecessary ingredients such as colors or fragrance.

But also look out for harsh preservatives, like parabens, which can trigger an eczema flare-up.

I found a really useful site that lets you compare the ingredients of several leading brands, its from a company called exederm

Exederm make ultra hypoallergenic skin care products for adults and kids with eczema or dermatitis