Eczema FAQ
I know there is different types of Eczema. I had it on near my ear, eye, mouth, hand, body and leg.


Tommy Boy

There is no cure for eczema, only creams, moisturizers, and scrubs help control it.



If it’s getting out of control, you should see a dermatologist.


Rose Beaudaire

Like Tommy Boy says, there is no cure, but my uncle has eczema and uses fluocinonide cream to relieve the itching. He says it works very well, but you’ll need a prescription from your doctor. If your interested, more info on this topic can be found at these links.

Good Luck!



I get occasional patches of Eczema. I have a ‘Rx’ called ‘Clotrimazole and Betamethazone Dipropionate’ lotion. It works great.



There is a cure for eczema. You have to stop dairy products (milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter …etc), and foods from animal origin. Fish is ok. Switch to soya substitutes for the milk and cheese. You would also have to switch to organic food, and that means natural food that is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. You can also use some moisturizers on the eczema patches, but stay away from the cortisone creams that suppress the illness. Your body is trying to communicate with you through these dry patches to tell you there is something wrong and that you have to do something about it. Don’t shut your body up. Use only dove moisturizing soap when taking a shower. And it might take few months before you notice changes on the dry patches, so be patient. Your body needs those months to get rid of all the toxins you’ve been putting in it for years.

Check out this site:

Good luck.



There is no cure, but hydrocortizone works, but check with your doctor to see the extent. You may need something stronger then over the counter meds.



My children have eczema…I use Aveeno..but go to the baby section and get it..its much cheaper…The doctor has prescribed them triamocinole..its a topical cream..ask your doctor..