Eczema FAQ
My 18 month old daughter has an eczema rash on several different parts of her body. Mainly on her legs. I have tried Aveeno lotion and hydrocotizone lotions but those don’t seem to help with the itching or the healing of the rash. Someone told me to use the diaper rash cream called Desitin. Has any one heard of this or tried it?



Sudocrem always worked well on my daughter.



Eucerin…I think its OTC…not sure…



there’s a menthol gold bond (comes in a green bottle) that works for my sister.



I used Desitin for diaper rash when my kids were babies – haven’t tried it for eczema, but it couldn’t hurt, give it a try. And have her tested for allergies – I have exzema from allergies and dealing with those keeps the rashes away.



This is tried and tested by a few of my relatives and friends with the same problem. It works great. Try glycerin and honey complexion bar. You can only purchase it from an Amway distributor. Good luck trying.



personally, I have been using a prescription corticosteroid for the last 6 yrs as over the counter stuff is weak. I use Clobetasol and it has worked well. There are a bunch of different ointments to use. Go see the dermatologist and see what they recommend.

Check out these sites if you haven’t already.



For my daughter, I started using a different brand of washing powder and now that she is not broken out anymore, I do not switch to any other brands. It was mainly trial and error for me. Also, keeping it moist with some type of lotion especially at night kept her from scratching it.