Eczema FAQ
i keep on asking questions like this because i have a rash that i think is caused by eczema so i need to know,what kind of soap can i use to prevent eczema?


victoria m

First of all you need to go to the doctor to make sure that’s what it is. They need to give you antibiotics and steroids for your skin. My friend’s baby has eczema and she uses Dove extra sensitive soap.


Andrew D

There is no soap that “prevents” eczema, but there are some which won’t aggravate it and which will help to soothe the skin. Usually, dermatologists suggest avoiding “true” soaps — try something totally fragrance free, completely non-drying, and intended for sensitive skin. For starters, I would recommend Dove for Sensitive Skin. You can also bathe in Aveeno Oatmeal Bath Treatment or use their bar soap, Aveeno Moisturizing Bar for Dry Skin.

You want to avoid over-washing your skin, and you want to use a mild, fragrance-free moisturizer for sensitive skin. Aveeno can be a good choice here, as well.



hi, Jaun.,
Eczema is kind of allergic problem.
even I also faced this for 6 long years!, its very hectic i know. I may come through heredity because in my family so many had this.

But the thing is, we cured by this disease……..!
here am mentioning wt we used to cure. u will see the difference with in 10 to 15 days………………………….!

Am mentioning two ointments here
use these by mixing …………….

1> clonate.
2> Derobin.

do try once it works sure………………..
” old patient is better than a new doctor”……….;)