Eczema FAQ
My one year old has very dry skin and regular baby lotion does not help. I was wondering if anyone on here new of a good eczema lotion, they could recomend?



My baby has severe Eczema and i use Eucerin calming itch relief lotion,or just the regular Eucerin lotion. Kinda pricey but it works very well! I hope that helps.



I don’t know where you live, but look here:

I discovered this Goats Milk Moisturising Cream about a year ago; prior to that, I was using the steroid cream from my GP twice a day just to get some relief from the itching on my shins and ribs. Now I slather this on every day after showering and have not had to use the steroid cream for several months. This cream works – on days when I am in a tearing hurry and skip using it, I really know about it by bedtime when I am itching and on fire again. It really is brilliant – I have recommended it to friends with eczema and psoriasis and all have reported significant improvement in their skins.

Jan de Vries book ‘Skin Diseases’ may also be helpful – full of good, sensible ideas. Good luck!



As an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International check and this is what I found from

product knowledge
what it is
Eczema … also known as atopic dermatitis … is a rough, red, patchy rash that is usually associated with extremely
dry skin. Often it forms large infected patches on the fronts of elbows and the backs of the knees. These patches
are extremely itchy, which If scratched could make the infected area worse.
Many experience hand Eczema … scaly, split, bleeding dry hands. It’s not contagious but does seem to run in
families. In certain cases Eczema can be the result of an allergic reaction occurring on the skin. The cause of
Eczema is not known, but aggravating factors include hands that are in frequent contact with soap and water,
harsh household products and vegetable juices, such as potato and onion juices.
which products are suggested
If a physician does not specify a particular regimen of products, Arbonne has product recommendations that
might help alleviate some of the discomfort of Eczema.
•ABC Hair & Body Wash or Arbonne Intelligence Cleansing Gel: For the hands and body, in the bath or shower
•ABC Body Oil or Arbonne Intelligence Skin Conditioning Oil: Once skin has been towel dried but left a little damp
•ABC Body Lotion or Arbonne Intelligence Hand Cream or Arbonne Intelligence Body Lotion: Following the
Arbonne Intelligence Skin Conditioning Oil on extremely irritated areas, use a combination of Arbonne
Intelligence Skin Conditioning Oil and Arbonne Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream. Applications should be repeated
as often as needed throughout the day to moisturize and condition skin while alleviating the discomfort and
aggravating itch.
Note: Those with Eczema should check with an allergist to see if they are allergic to a particular household
product or food and wear gloves to keep skin dry while doing dishes or giving the kids a bath. Products containing
synthetic fragrance have been shown to worsen symptoms.
important recommendation
To treat the symptoms of Eczema, Arbonne recommends that anybody with this condition seek the advice of a
physician. The products recommended are suggestions only.
references cited:
Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis, American Academy of Dermatology; 1995
Eczema and Psoriasis, De. Loretta Ciraldo, Les Nouvelles Estetiques; October 1999



babies have very delicate skin. it is best that you consult a skin care expert to get some good treatments that can be suitable for your baby’s skin. it is always good to use skin care moisturizer that comes all natural since it can be best for all skin type and for any age.

keep your baby’s skin from skin irritants and allergens for these might trigger an outbreak. keep him hydrated by giving adequate amount of water to avoid the skin to become dry. for more tips about good skin care visit