Eczema FAQ
I have eczema on the back of two of my fingers and now I’m getting it inside my elbow (where it bends). I also have a patch of it on the back of my leg. What causes it and why does it show up in such random places?


Sarah Palin

Eczema is caused by a lack of Vitamin E and dry skin. Avoid pool water. Always moisturize. My index finger has eczema too. I used to have it inside my elbows and other fingers. But they are all gone. Use steroid creams (prescribed by your doctor of course). Try shea butter for your skin. Use lotion with oatmeal. Use Ucerin cream for your hands. Do not let them stay dry. Eczema usually show up in joints (inside elbows and knees) and palm of hands (mostly fingers) and maybe feet. Use Aveeno cream (it has oatmeal formula). Hope this helps. It is not curable (Im mad about that). It’s usually seasonal (usually summer for me). Might be winter for you. It’s treatable by using the steps above. Good luck!



There are many types of eczema, but all of them are curable!
The best way to get rid of eczema is to find the source of were it came from and kill it from there, for more information I recommend visiting

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