Eczema FAQ
..Considering this is a very sensitive area.
The eczema burns, itches, and the skin becomes inflamed, red, and peels. I try to cover it up with foundation but this causes increased peeling and draws attention to it. I’ve already tried Vaseline, Aquaphor, Cetaphil, and am currently trying prescription Cutivate which isn’t really working well.


Angel Eve

There is NO cure for eczema… My step daughter has it.


hallie p

there is no cure for eczema. it sucks. i get it around my eyes all the time and there is no hiding it. try to reduce stress, because stress triggers it. see your dermatologist maybe they can recommend something better. tell them its not working!

who would give me and the 2 others around me negatives? how did we say anything bad?


Sweet thang

Sorry I have excema and it never realy goes away in the winter it usualy gets better though hey wanna be friends



That is such a touchy area, but neem oil will treat and cure it regardless of what others say. However neem is very bitter, and you will need to apply it very carefully in this area.

In addition, take neem bark capsules, 3 a day, until the eczema goes away. use the oil nightly until it is gone. Take the neem bark for an additional month, but cut down to 1 a day.

If you want to thicken the neem oil, you can heat 1 part bees wax to 5 or 6 parts neem. after the bees wax melts, remove it from the flames and add the neem. stir and cool. It makes for a nice salve. Oh, be warned, neem smells like burnt garlic, but it beats having eczema.



I suggest trying all natural Small Wonder Baby Oil. It’s helped others get rid of their eczema including babies. It’s more like a cream than an oil and it’s faster absorbing and less greasy. It’s pH balanced and dermatologist tested for delicate skin, and contains soothing vitamin E and allantoin to help prevent dryness and irritation.

Hope this is useful and feel free to contact me with questions or if interested in the website where it’s available.



you can’t cure eczema but try to figure out what is irritating your skin.

it could be what you are putting on your skin: soap, lotions, etc.

could be laundry soap (clothing and towels)

try not putting your hands on your face at all so as not to transfer any irritants from your life to your face (wear latex surgical gloves).

to clean your face use babyoil like
you would soap–lightly rub on face and rinse with water,
dry by patting (not rubbing) with pure cotton cloths washed in a soap with no additives (like color, fragrance, softener) and rinsed several times to remove all the soap).

when you wash your hair use a baby shampoo, try not to get any on your face, and if you do, rinse well.

it may be hard, but keep your face irritant free for 14 days (includes not using makeup) and don’t sleep with your cheek on your pillow.

hopefully, this will clear up the current breakout. then start by adding one product at a time to your face., like a soap or a moisturizer and every one that makes your face break out, stop using it, and go back to your sterile routine til it heals and then add another product.

good luck.

NEW NOTE: Instead of baby oil to “wash” your face, try a product call Albolene. It is sold in the drugstore cosmetics department and it is suggested as a mascara/makeup remover.

It’s like vaseline but much better. It “melts” at body temperature and has a really nice, not sticky feel. I like it a lot better than regular oil.

Also, it makes a great lubricant for “you know what” unless you are using condoms (never use petroleum jelly with a condom, it causes the condom to break down).