Eczema FAQ
I have chronic eczema, and I have found nothing that really helps it, at least not long term. It is an extremely dry, extremely itchy red rash, and no matter what my doctor’s try, nothing seems to last. I use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly as a moisturizer. I use prescription strength Lidex cream. I use Prednisone when it gets too bad, and I haven’t found anything to use which is helpful for the itch. Any suggestions would be welcome.



I had eczema on my hands. LIke you, I tried prescription after prescription, but nothing seemed to work. I actually found that sunlight helped to clear up my hands. I noticed that on a Monday my hands were very clear – more so than later in the week. I attributed it to being out on the boat all weekend i the sun. Then I talked to my neighbor who is a nurse, and she said she’s heard of a doctor recommending sunlight to an eczema patient. It might be something to look into!

Good luck!



Taking vit e and a alternatively.


Lisa W

Try Pure Baby Eczema cream, I believe the only place to get it is at the Pure Baby website, it might be purebaby.com. I am not sure. My father had psoriasis and tried everything. My daughter got the cream at a baby shower and all the mothers said it worked wonders on dry skin patches. Since I was having itchy red patches and was concerned that maybe I had psoriasis also, I tried the cream. It is the only thing that will stop the itching and redness. It does take a while. Mine had actually gone away after a year or so, and I just noticed a patch on my shoulder return. Stress seems to make it worse.

Good Luck!



I totally feel your pain. I’m going through the same things myself and have asked on here about other treatments beside prescriptions. Have you gotten any allergy tests done to see what you might be coming in contact with that could be causing your eczema? I had patch tests done on my back and found I’m allergic to fragrance, which was in many, many things I was using at the time, especially moisturizers and soap. That could be your first step in getting better. I used to use Vaseline myself. It was the only thing that would make my skin better. After you find out what you’re allergic to, your doctor might suggest a 7-day pack of steroid pills to clear you up for the time being. I had a shot of steroids and the pills. That isn’t safe for long term use, but it really clears you up for the time being. After that, when your skin clears up, moisturize ALL the time. Moisturize right after the shower, and anytime during the day when an itch comes on. I use Aveeno fragrance-free lotion. During the day if I get an itch, I use a prescription emollient to calm the itch (mine’s called Atopiclair) or hydrocortisone cream with aloe. I’m also on prescription allergy medicines (clarinex and nasonex). I’ve been using this treatment system for about 2 months now, and I’ve been considerably better. I still want to itch from time to time and my skin sometimes gets red, but when I avoid itching, I’m a lot better. Itching only irritates it, and although it’s hard to resist, your skin will be better if you find a way to. I really hope this helps! Eczema is really an awful problem, but I think it can be managed with treatments and a positive attitude (which was a lot of my problem, honestly). Get better soon!



I’ve tried half a dozen brands of moisterizers (including emu oil), clinically prescribed oitments but they just reduce the inflamed areas and it still itches. i’ve also eliminated all types of seafood in my diet. In spite of it all, my fingers and a few areas of my palms are still scaly, dry and flaky. It appears that doctors are not much use so now i am going to go holistic – it’ll take 2 -3 months to see significant results.

here’s what i’ll consume daily:
a.) take coldpressed flakseed oil (expensive)
b.) load-up on probiotics
c.) organic vit.C min 1000gm daily
d.) organic vit.B complex






Put on perscription meds first. But if that doesn’t work, but on lotion right after you get out the shower to keep your skin moist. I put lotion on to stop the itching. Curel lotion helps me



Sorry if you’ve already tried this, but this worked for my daughter. She suffered for a long time with eczema. My neighbor suggested this duo treatment and within a few days my daughter’s skin was silky smooth.

Wash with Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash (or soap).
Use Eucerin Body Cream or Lotion (Wal-Mart brand works).


Ryans Mom

Well, here are some suggestions made to me from my doctor (And all of these have helped),

1. Wear lightweight clothing to help keep you cool. Be wary of synthetic fibers. If you’re hot you’ll feel itchier, but if you sweat the salt that forms on your skin triggers an eczema outbreak. If you can’t shower right away, even just a plain water rinse with a washcloth will help remove some of the salt. Change out of sweaty clothes.

2. Use a non-fragranced / non-colored soap. These can be harsher on the skin. No deodorant soap either! I sucessfully use Dove soap. If you have an area of eczema, don’t use soap or scrub the area. Just cool water will do the best until the area calms down.

3. Be careful of the detergents you use. Several people in my family can only use Cheer because of sensitive skin/allergies/eczema. Also use all-cotton sheets when you sleep at night. Anything else could cause irritation. The same with your nighty.

4. If need be, ask for a prescription for Kenalog Cream. It works miracles for me. It’s a steriod type cream, so you only have to use a little bit to make a huge difference. And good luck to you. I know what you’re going through!



I have suffered from atopic dermatitis/eczema for 40+ years.When I had a particularly bad flare-up on my hands,I also used Lidex;that flare-up lasted for nearly four years. Getting better just takes an agonizingly long time!I’ve found that the over the counter Cortaid plus moisturizers works just as well as any prescription medicine.Prednisone only lasts for a few days after you take it. Stop using Vaseline Petroleum jelly!!! Atopic skin and Vaseline do not mix!! It’s too highly scented!! Don’t use any overly-scented product. For cleansing,use Cetaphil products;they have a bar cleanser(good for the shower or bath),lotion cleanser,and moisturizing creams and lotions.The cream form is the best.Aveeno oatmeal bath powder is good;they also have a moisturzing bath/shower oil that provides a first layer of moisture for the Cetaphil cream.I used something called Bluborro Solution(it comes in a powder that you mix yourself)when I had very weepy,angry skin to calm it down and start drying the ooze.Tar-based shampoos like Neutragena T-Gel can be used for a while.Nizoral is a good non-tar shampoo;you can vary the use and keep up with what you regulary use,too if it’s not irritating to you.You also may need to take an antihistamine;eczema and allergies go hand-in-hand.
Use unscented detergents and fabric softeners.Wear cotton clothing and other very soft fabrics.If you wear wool,make sure that you have a layer of silky material between the wool and your skin. I wear gloves to wash the dishes, clean up which involves getting wet means gloves,and sometimes if I’m going to be doing something that means I’ll meet up with a lot of dust,I wear cotton gloves.And don’t forget to wear a sunblock;the medications we take make us more prone to sunburn.
I’m giving you a list of books and a website,too.Since I’ve had this problem all of my life,I’m always on the look out for books about the conditions;no one has a cure,but sometimes you do find new ideas.



okay i’ve had eczema all my life …stay away from scented things lotions and perfumes or colognes (if its not that strong then its okay to use it on your clothes) go to you use aquaphore or eucerine that helped my skin a lot also see if your doctor can get you a steroid medication. or do the wet pj treatment soak in the tub for 15 minutes. have someone get your clothes wet and then put them in the dryer. when you’re done soaking put on your medication or baby oil and put on the pajamas and go to sleep. it works because the moisture stays on your skin all night. try purex free and clear theres not scents or any color and no dryer sheets. e-mail me or IM me because there is so much more i can tell you check ya later ♥



Renew Skin lotion did a incredible job healing my son’s eczema.



I am just like u having a extremely chronic eczema. To help it i have tried a creme named DERMOVT OINT. When i use it on my skin for a night it was getting better and better. Until now i am still using the same creme. For your information u can get it from the farmacy. I just think that u may try it and i really hope your skin will get better too.



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