Eczema FAQ
I have really bad eczema and I don’t have insurance or anything for that matter…lotion usually keeps it under control but in the winter it gets worse. I would like to find a cheap, very very moisturizing lotion for my skin. Or even something I can take or eat to help the matter.



Lubriderm works wonders!!!!



I suffered from bad eczema when i was younger. I had it treated and it went away. Recently, it’s come back. Keri lotion has helped a lot, but I caved in and got some medicated cream from the doctor.



I’ve used serenaskin anti-eczema ointment. It worked fast.
You can find it on



The National Eczema Association has just started to rate different eczema products based on the ingredients used.

The best one looks to be exederm.

The site is or

Hope that helps



FREEDERM (http://www.eczemamiracle.com/) works incredibly well. I’ve had eczema for years & it’s the only thing that actually works. No rx is needed, and a little bit of these lotions & soaps go a LONG way.