Eczema FAQ
Ok well i have an egg allergy. And i try to avoid it but sometimes i get tempted to eat something like a cake that has eggs in it. But when i do i usually take a claratin. But i still get these really dark looking eyes and everyone keeps saying i look tired all the time. i just want to know if there is any other safe treatments for eczema around the eyes.



This is how they treat it in Japan. It works in the United States, I have met a little kid that used ot have it, but has had 2.5 PH acidic water treatments to his skin for the past year,and it went away after about 6 weeks, but needs to get the acidic water when it reappears.

I am using this on a friend who has had this condition for over 40 years, and nothing else worked, he has been using it for 3 weeks now, it is starting to improve, it will take another 5 months to get rid of it.

You can get the water by placing a wanted add in and ask for 8.5 PH water. The same machine that will make 8.5 PH drinking water usually will make the 2.5 PH acidic water to kill bacteria and treat psoriasis.

Normally the 2.5 PH water is used to treat the skin, but it can not be applied near the eyes. However the other half of the problem, drinking the alkaline water is great for both healthy people and those suffering from Eczema, (Or psoriasis) and then apply the acidic water to other outbreaks on skin not close to the eyes.

Good Luck!



You can try Eczema Milk Treatment to cure or relief from the Eczema around the eyes.

Below is the link were you can find information about how this treatment works, it is organic treatment (home treatment).


hope this helps :)



There actually is no known “cure” for eczema only treatments. The problems with standard treatments, light boxes, creams (corticosteroids etc) are that they have side effects, especially steroids which can weaken the skin. I’ve had it for years, and only recently have been looking for more natural treatments. Try searching for homeopathic remedies to cure eczema naturally.