Eczema FAQ
my arms and a spot on my leg are scaly and white my doctor said it was either eczema and serisis



It is a nasty thing to have, Eccema normally attacks the joints like elbow or knees, Im not sure what causes it bit it has been said to me that its a malfunctional gene.. Any way try this.. Get a small towel cloth and get hot water as hot as you can take it. Saturate the area with hot water again and again every day and cover area with baby oil. The hot water opens the pores and the oil then lubricates the skin. It works for me when I have dry scaly skin. I dont have eczema but try it anyway you never know, it may work for you too.. Oh and may I add it would do you no harm to take fish oil omega supplements with your meals, its great for your skin, I take it all the time..



I have been battling eczema off and on since I was 6 y.o. – there is no real cure. Your dr can prescribe steroid creams that help somewhat. It is sometimes an allergic reaction to something. For example, when I stopped drinking milk, it got significantly better.


Tiffany K

my boyfriend has it and all the dr. said he can do for it is put a moisterising lotion on it.. there is nothing you can really do to get it to go away


Netashe D

dermarest lotion gets rid of eczema- you can buy it at your local drug store for around $15 bucks, but Psoriasis is harder to ger rid of try the attached link…good luck!