Eczema FAQ
I’m training for a half marathon. Whenever I run, my eczema on my face flares up. It’s red, patchy and dry. I moisturize before I run so it doesn’t get too dry. I can control it a little with steriod creme (Flucocinide) but i know this thins the skin. I know the reason why it flares: my face doesn’t really sweat and my body temperature goes up. Aside from stopping my running, are there any treatments I can use while running? I don’t want my eczema to get in the way of me being healthy. Thanks!


baby s

I have eczema as well and I notice that when I sweat from runnin I tend to itch alot. I use the steriod cream, but put it on before I run so it can soak into my skin. It helps alittle but other than that I haven’t heard of anything else….



You can buy elocon cream which is what I use except it’s expensive and many pharmacies don’t have it anymore.


Tom Fox

Its all about trying to prevent the eczema in the first place, obviusly you are a healthy person, but maybe you are eating something you shouldnt.

Theres lots of natural cure out there for eczema that might help also, a lady janet simpson has wrote an ebook about natural cures.



No allot you can do until you take care of the reason for the eczema. When you are running you are sweating, sweat is a natural way for people to get rid of toxins in our bodies.

So, with that known, we also now people with eczema has issues with toxins and toxin elimation issues.

Until you find a way to cure you eczema you may be dealing with it for now. Look into you deit for the answers and look up natural ways to clear yourself.

Good Luck



sometimes eczema can be a great piss off for its gets in the way of a lot of good things. but the good news is there are a lot of ways to keep eczema from having an outbreak. but sometimes doing activities that can make you sweat can really aggravate eczema. it is best that you avoid activities that can easily make you sweat.

if you can’t stop your training for marathon, you can also try some prevention tips like:

* eat balanced diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables to be able to fight skin disease
* use an all natural moisturizer all throughout the day
* drink a lot of water to keep the skin from drying
* avoid scratching the affected area
* keep fingernails short
* use natural cotton and soft clothing
* avoid smoking and alcohol drinking for it can promote skin dryness
* avoid skin allergens and irritants
* use skin care products that are non-perfumed and hypoallergenic

visit for more tips on how to halt eczema outbreaks.