Eczema FAQ
I have a mild case, (compared to the pics I see)… of Dyshidrotic Eczema on the palm of my hands mostly and the side of my left foot. It itches and slightly stings. What can I get at a local pharmacy (nonprescript) that will help to get rid of this or at least lessen the itching and mild pain?

I’m 28 and this is the first time I’ve ever had this.



I use tea tree oil.



I had eczema that was bad a few years ago. Now it’s not as bad and it comes back every now and then. But that’s only when I don’t use Goldbond. It works amazingly! Try it, all over not just on hands and feet. It is strong and will keep your skin very soft!



Ayurveda has several remedies for skin problems.consult a good ayurvedic physician in your area.


Katie H

I had eczema for years. Every year we went to the beach and every year within a day or two of some salt water and sun it would just disappear. My husband has a very severe case on his arms and legs. We took up scuba diving, and again with his, within a few days it starts healing its self. So I would say go get wet and let mother nature cure it.



Hello there; I suggest that you should try anti-eczema cream from Champori.com It is herbal (steroid-free) remedy and it has kept my eczema in check for the last 15 months.