Eczema FAQ
I have eczema opposite my elbows and now it’s also forming on my wrist. I REALLY HATE THE ONE ON MY WRIST!! Coz everyone notices it and they think it’s disgusting and there is no way to hide it. I don’t know what caused the eczema but anyway it wasn’t there till last year. I am worried it might spread to other parts of my body (like how the one on my wrist formed) and it’ll form in obvious places like my hands – when i shake hands with someone. Please help me and if you have anything that can help improve the eczema please tell me!! <3



go to a doctor



Don’t scratch, i have had eczema all of my life and it gets worse from time to time but you really really must not scratch as it spreads it like crazy. As it gets under your finger nails or something like that then when you touch another area of your body then it spreads there. If you go and see your doctor he can give you some cream there is loads of different kinds and they usually work. But if you really want to hit it on the head then there are some stronger creams that work but you cant use tem too long but if yu see your doctor they wil give you advice.


penny century

Excema isn’t transferred from one part of the body to another by physical contact. The best way of preventing excema from forming is by keeping your skin well moiturised ( dont use cosmetic products, use aqueous cream ) and avoiding certain fabrics and whatever else causes flare ups ( its really personal but most excema sufferers cant wear synthetic clothes or sometimes even wool ).

Another good tip is to get plenty of sun on your skin ( use a suncream though ). Also make sure you wear gloves when dealing with chemicals ( ie when washing up or dealing with the laundry ) and regularly rub a lanolin ( or similar ) cream into your hands to prevent the skin cracking.

Good luck, I’ve just about got my excema under control.


Dr. Mojo M

Pl. find here the details about Eczema.

Eczema is a red, extremely itchy rash, most common on creases of elbows, wrists, and knees. It may occasionally occur on neck, ankles, and feet. The rash becomes raw and weepy on scratching. The itching has a vicious cycle wherein scratching causes more irritation leading to more itching and scratching.

The Cause

Eczema is an inherited type of sensitive, dry skin. A personal history of allergies, asthma or hay fever or a family history of eczema is usually present. Flare-ups occur on contact with irritating substances like soap or chlorine.

In some people with eczema, certain foods cause the eczema to flare up. If any particular food item like cow’s milk or eggs are causing the flare-ups, avoid that food for 2 weeks. Then give a challenge by having that food. If the eczema becomes itchy or flares-up within 2 hours of eating the food, it is the cause of eczema and should be avoided.

It is a chronic condition and will usually not go away completely. Though there may be periods when the remission may last for a long time. Early treatment of itching is important to prevent a severe rash.

The treatment of Eczemza

Local steroid creams are the main treatment for the itching in eczema. Use the steroid cream as prescribed by the doctor. After the rash settles down, use it at least once daily for another 2 weeks. It can be used whenever the itching or rash develops.

Good hydration of the skin followed by a lubricating cream is the main way to prevent flare-ups of eczema. Water-soaked skin is much less itchy. The eczematous skin is very sensitive to soaps, therefore avoid soaps as much as possible, especially during flare-ups. Alternatively, use a mild, moisturizing soap.

The skin is generally dry in eczema. After a good bath, the skin feels good due to hydration. The moisture in the skin can be retained by applying a layer of lubricating cream to the entire skin while it is damp. Apply it daily after the steroid cream has been applied to the itchy areas. Avoid applying any ointments or petroleum jelly because they block the sweat glands, increase the itching, and worsen the rash, especially in warm weather. Also, soap is needed to wash them off, which can aggravate the problem.

Keep the fingernails cut short as the scratching with nails will perpetuate the vicious cycle of itching. Frequent hand washing will avoid any super-infection of the eczema.

The prevention

Scratchy, rough and woolly clothes make eczema worse and should be avoided. Cotton clothes are good and should be worn as much as possible. Avoid triggers like excessive heat, sweating, excessive cold, dry air, chlorine, harsh chemicals, and soaps.



go to a docter (allergist or dermatoligist). i have an perscription ointment that makes mine stop itching and when you dont itch it it goes away. i have horrible eczema but no one can tell bacause i use this stuff.



I find that the best remedy is usually natural.

The best remedy for eczema is Tea tree oil and vitimin E combine the two and apply to affected spots after bath…. give it about two weeks and it’s gone… although it’s not a permenant fix i’ll say it worked for meeh for about 9 months.

Both can be purchased at walmart.
I’ve bounced from dermatologist to dermatologist this is the longest i’ve been without eczema or side effects of creams and pills, Trust meeh it works!!