Eczema FAQ
I have eczema on my shin and it’s embarrassing to wear shorts because it’s like a big oval of redness. How can I get rid of it? I tried Aveeno cream but it only takes away the itch.



There are some prescription medications out there that do the job. The one i used is protopic and it worked really well, but then i read in the paper that it causes cancer when used a lot. I’m sure it’s fine occassionally, but id talk to your dr.


Annie J

Try another cream.



Herbal cream and spray combo. Works well and fast.



some eczema treatments are harmful to your skin since they can contain ingredients that can potentially harm your skin rather than making it heal.

you can try covering the affected area with a gauze, be able to keep your fingernails short to avoid scratching it. a break in the skin can cause a secondary skin infection. be aware of it.

the key to treat eczema on face is never to keep the skin of the face dry. check out your diet and avoid foods that can trigger allergy on the skin. keep the skin hydrated by drinking adequate amount of fluids. using an all natural skin moisturizer can help keep the skin moist all day.

know what are the triggers of eczema and try to avoid. consult a dermatologist for the best precautions. visit for more tips that can help avoid eczema flares.