Eczema FAQ
My chin has developed eczema (red, irritating, swelling a little, thick extra skin) and it hurts soooo bad. I need to get something ASAP. People keep telling me to get hydrocortisone. Will this work on my face? If so, how long does it take to start working?



use sudocrem it works fast and also stops the itching, but if u want to get rid of the itching really fast then get some piriton, works wonders
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Hydrocortisone can be used in OTC strength for a couple of days but after that could have longterm and unsightly effects on your face.

Try Eucerin!



Yes you can use up to 1% hydrocortisone but use it sparingly and try a fragrance and paraben free product like exederm rather than the normal store versions as they can often have unnecessary additional ingredients whih can irritate very sensitive skin

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first, you should moisturize, and when it itches, use Eucerin.