Eczema FAQ
I have a big itch on my stomach, chest, and nipple areas and it won’t go away. Now it’s getting worse, with red pimple like spots on my skin. Could this be the result of poor sleeping patterns? I just recently got a 1st shift job and my sleeping time has gone from 8 hours to 5 hours. Still though, why should that cause eczema? I never had this problem until I started my new job. BTW, it’s a driving job.
Nope, didn’t change anything.



Eczema is caused by allergies, not by lack of sleep. Have you recently changed either detergents, soaps, lotions or are you eating something new?


David B

Eczema is believed to be inherited. The question is though, do you mean will lack of sleep cause flares or give you the skin problem, “Eczema,” all together?

I myself have Atopic dermatitis (Atopic Eczema) and yes, when I lose sleep my eczema flares up and it usually takes a few days for my skin to get back to normal. If that answers your question