Eczema FAQ
I have had eczema since i was so little. But only in june-sept. (eczema is really really dry skin, ussulaly peels of and you have slits (cuts) in your skin) I have it on my feet soles and on my finger tips.I have tried a lot of things. Does anybody have suggestiosns?
its heriditory, my uncles had it untill they were 13



eledel… that is a good rx med Ive heard….



u cant get rid im afraid, my daughter has it and i use “doublebase” a really good moisteriser,everyday, and “oilatum bath formula” which really helps too


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One Thing to Consider Is Your Diet, I Find That ‘E’ Numbers Located Mostly On Junk Foods, Are High In Them, Also Citrus In Many Fruits Cause The Skin To Become Iritated… See What Foods Are Best On Ezcema On Yahoo Search Miss



there is no cure for eczeuma, i ahve it but i use this cream that i found at sams club i forgot what its called, but cortizone helps take the symtoms of eczeuma away, the iching burning and the bubbles. but u have to check the lable and make sure it says “treats eczeuma” and it works wonders!! soo good luck stick through it they might come up with a cure one day!



yes i developed it after i moved to TX from AZ….but it’s on my neck a little quarter size patch, elbows, and hands…..i have been to doctor…..and everything. they had me on elidel, steroids, al these ointments….la la la…….and better than anything i drink lots of h2o and use cortaid from the CVS/Walgreens -the extra strength cream…..and use it religiously EVERY day especially before bedtime……also use A&D ointment (especially for like tops of hands if slit i know how every bend is dreaded…this will help heal and soften skin….put mittens on at night with it …but let it breath during day -that helps too…same with socks on feet at night )A&D is for like rashs / diaper rash i think it’s in the baby isle at stores…..and also don’t use any perfumed body lotions/etc. Use like jergens almond regular lotion and same with bath products…….nothing harsh but u don’t have to suffer ….just don’t forget to use it every day =) good luck~!



take a oatmeal bath either buy the aveeno or you can put regular plain oatmeal in a sock and tie it and put it in your bath. Also get some spa gloves/socks (walmart has some) that keep moisture in and use you RX or over the counter creams (try aveeno it’s awsome) then put the gloves/socks on while you sleep or if it gets really bad during the day.



I would recomend hydrocortisone but your case sounds severe. Visit your doctor and see what she recommends as far as perscription creams



Eczema and dust house mite allergies go hand in hand. Dust house mite faeces is the main source. so get rid of your carpet, replace it with laminate/wooden flooring. vaccuum your bed and get rid of your soft furnishings as these are a haven for dust mites. Vaccuum at least 3 times a week.



Ask doc for Rx for betamethasone cream(Valisone) it really works in about 3 days


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microdermabrasion. there are kits. also, anything with glycolic acid. both of them exfoliate the skin, and improve cell turnover rate, making skin smoother and softer.


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Ask your doctor for a prescription for Kenalog Cream. It’s the only thing that works on me. Also cut down on the really hot showers and perfumed or harsh soaps. Dove soap works good. Try controling the sweat on your feet. The salt on skin irritates it. Hope this helps!